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Chasing Daylight Double Vinyl

Chasing Daylight Double Vinyl

Chasing Daylight turns 20 years old! The bands first independent album was released on Feb 4, 2003. To celebrate, we're releasing it on VINYL. The double vinyl is slated for a late March release. We'll let you know as soon as we can start taking orders. In the mean time, here are some limited edition T-Shirts! 🤘

LP 1:
Side A: 1. Your Mistake 2. Come Around 3. One Love (11:34)
Side B: 1. Best I'll Ever Be 2. Life Got In The Way 3. Everybody (11:59)

LP 2:
Side A: 1. Swan Dive 2. Killing Me Too 3. Sword and Shield (14:29)
Side B: 1. Hopeless 2. Effortlessly 3.Can't Believe (14:26)


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